How to Refill E-Cig Cartridges

The electric cigarette cartomizer is the most hard to refill. These electric cigarette cartomizers were built to be disposable for one time use only, but they can be refilled so that it saves you money. Lets start by getting one of our empty e-cigarette cartomizers, a paper clip with one end bent out and e-liquid.

Just grab your vapor cigarette cartomizer off of your electronic cigarette battery and then you will notice a white plug on the mouth side of the electronic-cig cartomizer. Get your paper clip and stick it into the hole of the white plug, then pry it off. Then inside there’s a rubber stopper to prevent the liquid from going in your mouth. Take this paper clip again and then pry the rubber stopper out.


You can now see the real stuffing in your electronic cigarette. All you have to do now is take your e-liquid and drip it into your electronic-cig, keeping it around the edge and trying not to get it on the center hole of your e-cigarette cartomizer.

Just drip some drops, you will know your electronic cigarette cartomizer is full when you see some liquid pooling at the top. If the pooling from the e-liquid gets too high you can just use a towel to soak it up.

It also helps if you get some liquid down in the center hole. You can get a paper towel, put it behind it and blow gently out. Then your extra e-liquid will be soaked up.

When it’s full, get your rubber stopper out, place it back down in your electric cigarette cartomizer. Then you will force it all the way down with your paper clip. It will stop right at the stuffing. Then take your white plug and force it back in with your finger until you hear it snap into place.

Now your e-cig is full and all you have to do is put it back on your vapor cigarette battery and you’re ready to start vaping.